Share Your Story

Have you tried any of the treatments for alcohol addiction listed in our Treatment section? We want to hear about your treatment experience, positive or negative. We are developing a community support feature that will allow people in recovery to read about others’ treatment experiences. Your first-hand account will be extremely helpful to those learning about treatment and trying to decide what’s right for them.

Submissions should be one page or less, and include the following information:

  • What treatment did you try?
  • Did it help you? For how long? Is it still working?
  • What factors made you choose this treatment over others?
  • What factors do you think made it work well or not work well for you?
  • If you are a physician, what observations have you made about the particular treatment across your patient population?

Thank you for helping others by sharing your experience!

  • We reserve the right to lightly edit submissions for length or clarity. All submissions will be kept anonymous unless otherwise requested.