Tech for Recovery

Increasingly, interactive smartphone applications are being developed to support people recovering from alcohol addiction.

Smartphone Apps

Step Away: Previously featured on the PGDF site, Step Away offers a self-directed program of support to help users reduce or abstain from heavy drinking.

Sober Grid: Using GPS technology to connect sober people to one another on-the-go, Sober Grid is available as a free iOS or Android app with premium features.

Clean Fun Network (CFN): CFN offers a free app to connect people who are committed to sober living and seeking opportunities for fun activities and outings. The CFN App delivers CFN Travel, CFN Events and CFN Dating to mobile and tablet devices. The app, as well as the CFN website, provide opportunities for members to plan organized or spontaneous meet-ups, connect with singles, learn about upcoming events, and join travel groups. Events include music, entertainment, sports, cuisine, yoga, travel, and more.

Sober – Social Network: Sober is a free iPhone app developed to help people living in sobriety meet, socialize with, and date other like-minded individuals nearby.

iRecover: Developed by recovering addict Jack Kelly, iRecover is a free iOS and Android app that helps app users to connect with other people in recovery. In a two-month beta test, Kelly found that people used the app not only to find local resources, meetings, and social support, but also to find inspiration.  BizJournal article about iRecover>

This TechHive article describes and links to seven alcohol-related apps, including:

  • OneHealth Meeting Finder
  • Anonymous Sober Chat for AA
  • Rebos
  • Friend of Bill
  • I Am Sober
  • 12 Steps AA Companion
  • Field Guide to Life

This article describes and links to nineteen alcohol-related apps, including:

  • Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson
  • Biblical Encouragement – Alcohol Addiction
  • Twenty-Four Hours A Day
  • AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker
  • SoberApp Alcohol Calculator
  • Blood Alcohol Calculator
  • 12 Steps AA Companion
  • One Day at a Time
  • Control Alcohol
  • Lift Daily Motivation
  • Joe and Charlie
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Breathe2Relax
  • iPromises Recovery Companion
  • Afternoon Affirmations
  • White Noise Lite
  • My Daily Journal
  • Drinking Buddy
  • Drink Control

A-CHESS (in testing): Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System: This program, developed by Dr. David Gustafson of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, is offered as a smartphone application and, “provides monitoring, information, communication, and support services to patients, including ways for patients and counselors to stay in contact.” A May 2014 clinical trial showed that the application helped users significantly reduce the number of days they engaged in risky drinking behavior.

This app is not yet available to the general public, but is undergoing rigorous testing through a consortium of healthcare organizations.


Please note that PGDF is not affiliated with the developers of these applications, and provides this listing as an educational service. Download and use of these applications is at user’s own risk.