The Peter G. Dodge Foundation (PGDF) is proud to announce its commitment to support the Telluride Foundation of Telluride, Colorado. Over the next two years, PGDF will contribute a total of $50,000 to the Bright Futures for Early Childhood and Families program and the Tri-County Health Network.

A cornerstone program of Bright Futures is the Parents as Teachers (PAT) home visitation program, which is entirely grant-funded. The PAT program builds strong families and promotes positive social and emotional development so children are healthy, safe and ready to learn when they enter school. The PAT program serves at-risk, low-income children and families in San Miguel, Ouray and west Montrose counties. Trained Parent Educators conduct home visits, providing parents support and training from pregnancy through completion of kindergarten. When parents are educated in child development and given tools and strategies to support their child, they become more confident, increasing positive interactions between the parent and child. This program currently serves 86 families and 158 children, and will expand its operations to serve the 30 children currently on its waiting list.

The Tri-County Health Network, or TCHNetwork, is an affiliate nonprofit program of the Telluride Foundation that provides access to affordable health care to rural regions of Colorado. Using a six-prong Community Outreach Program, TCHNetwork is making significant gains in the region, a designated Health Professional Shortage Area. PGDF’s contribution will allow the development of a strategic plan to increase the avenues through which those in the region can access mental and behavioral health services.

With over $35 million in contributions to date, the Telluride Foundation was recently recognized as the fourth most active grant maker in the country. For more information visit telluridefoundation.org.

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