Join us in celebrating Recovery Month in September, and help us ensure that this year’s grant cycle is a resounding success! We are pleased to announce that we are hosting our inaugural fundraising event, the PGDF Fitness Challenge.

Throughout September, participants will log the miles they run, walk, or bike to meet a self-defined fitness goal*, asking their social media and email networks to support them by making a donation. Each person who raises over $200 will receive a special-edition PGDF t-shirt and water bottle, and the top fundraiser will win a new Apple watch.

*Not a mileage person? Feel free to log minutes in your favorite class, or number of workouts or reps; any quantifiable fitness goal will do!

PGDF was founded in 2014 to improve treatment options for people with alcohol addiction. By increasing options, elevating awareness, and facilitating access, we are transforming treatment for alcohol use disorder. While founder and Chairman Peter Dodge personally funds the majority of our work, including 100% of operating expenses, an important segment of our Mission Grant program is comprised of donations from friends and supporters.

Alcohol addiction is the most pervasive of substance use disorders, affecting over 70% of those with SUD, yet only 10% of people who need treatment ever receive it. An estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol addiction every year, far more than from opiates or other drugs; indeed, it is the fourth leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Yet, funding for research into improved methods of treatment is minuscule compared to what is allocated for other deadly diseases like cancer or AIDS. PGDF is leading the way to create a new paradigm for what treatment and recovery can be.

In our first three Mission Grant cycles, PGDF has:

  • Presented educational events & resources on AUD to the public that have reached an estimated 90,400 people
  • Funded two innovative pilot studies on novel strategies for treating AUD, opening new areas of scientific inquiry
  • Supported AUD-related training and education for approximately 700 leaders in the addiction field
  • Sponsored reduced-cost treatment, referral to treatment, or treatment-enhancing services for more than 800 people

We are continuing this important work in 2017 and beyond, but we need your support!

Up for the challenge?

If you want to build new exercise habits, push yourself to meet a new goal, or just have fun, please join our team on Crowdrise, here.

Want to support the team?

If you’d like to support the PGDF team members as they make progress toward their fitness goals, you can support our participants by donating here. Every dollar raised will directly benefit our Mission Grant program, expanding the size and number of the grants we are able to make.

Ready to spread the word?

Can’t participate in the fitness challenge or support the team financially? You can still help by spreading the word! Share information about our fundraiser on Facebook or Twitter. Click here for some options to get you started. Spreading the word can have a big impact on the success of our campaign.

Whatever way you choose to be a part of the PGDF Fitness Challenge, we truly appreciate your support and look forward to seeing what we achieve together!

Questions, comments, or feedback? Contact us.