Getting Started: Pharmaceutical Treatment & Counseling

Getting Started: Pharmaceutical Treatment & Counseling

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Most pharmaceutical and counseling treatments will require you to contact a physician or trained therapist to access treatment. Out-of-pocket treatment can be costly, and health insurance can defray some or all of these costs. Coverage varies from plan to plan, so be sure to check your coverage before you begin.

Below are some common questions related to physicians, therapists, and health insurance.

I want to find out more about prescription medications. I have health insurance but no doctor. How do I get started?

Contact your health insurance plan to find out how to find a doctor in your area. You can choose a primary care physician or a specialist in alcohol treatment.

I want to go to counseling. I have health insurance and it covers mental health treatment. How do I get started?

Contact your health insurance plan to find listings of therapists in your area. You may be able to specifically request a therapist skilled in addiction counseling.

What if I don’t have health insurance, or, I have health insurance that doesn’t cover mental health treatment?

If you are not eligible for healthcare coverage through your employer, or if you are not employed, you still have options for obtaining healthcare coverage.

Although the open enrollment period has ended for 2015 on the federal healthcare exchange, you may still qualify for Medicaid or other coverage. How Can I Get Coverage Outside of Open Enrollment?

Alternately, you can seek an individual plan in which you pay a premium for coverage unconnected to your employment. Brokerage sites such as can help you shop around for a plan that suits your circumstance.

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