Rational Recovery (RR) is an abstinence-based program that is a direct counterpoint to Alcoholics Anonymous. RR views alcoholism as a voluntary behavior, not a disease. The program asserts that subscribing to a religion (or a higher power) is a personal choice and is in no way crucial to recovery. RR no longer holds group meetings and instead emphasizes self-recovery.

Recognizing the Addictive Voice

RR’s central philosophy is described in their Big Plan.” It is: “a principled commitment to lifetime abstinence from alcohol and other pleasure-producing drugs, with no allowance for relapses, i.e., ‘I will never drink/use again.’”

One of the main features of RR is the Addictive Voice Recognition Technique (AVRT). The Addictive Voice (AV) is “any thinking that supports or suggests the possible future use of alcohol or other drugs.” RR calls addictive desire The Beast. The idea is to see The Beast (or AV) as a separate entity from yourself so that you can control it. AVRT-based recovery is family-centered and based on individual responsibility.

The program is delivered through an online platform and includes the use of books, videos and lectures. They offer free materials as well as an online membership subscription and an online bookstore where you can buy additional materials and receive support.

People wishing to abstain from alcohol who believe that AA is not effective and who seek an alternative method of treatment that is secular and based on self-study/ online learning. Note that the Rational Recovery website speaks against other forms of treatment rather than seeing itself as a neutral alternative.

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