The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACoA) is a membership and affiliate organization working on behalf of children of alcohol and drug dependent parents. They work to raise public awareness and advocate for effective and accessible education and prevention services. Services offered include videos, books, posters, and other educational training tools for therapists, educators, parents, clergy and other youth-serving adults. NACoA will send information packets to all who ask.

NACoA Resources

NACoA has developed resource materials that can be downloaded online for free, including kits for:

  • Educators: Designed for teachers who want to help children in their classes who come from homes affected by alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Early Childhood Professionals: Providing necessary skills to assist those working with young children who come from families affected by alcohol abuse.
  • Kids: Developed specifically for children, this booklet includes facts about alcoholism and coping strategies for children who come from alcoholic families.
  • Parents: Providing educational information about alcoholism, guidelines on how to talk to your children about alcoholism, and resources to understand family dynamics and find help.

NACoA has a Student Assistance Program (SAP) which is a comprehensive (K-12) school-based program intended to identify issues that interfere with students’ learning and success in school and provide education, prevention, early identification, intervention, referral, and support groups for affected students.

There is also a clergy program which offers courses such as Certificate in Spiritual Caregiving to Help Addicted Persons and Families and Preventing Alcohol and Drug Problems: A Course for Clergy. There are associated fees for some courses.

Therapists, educators, parents, children, clergy and other youth-serving adults who want to learn about and help children who come from families affected by alcohol abuse.

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Toll-free phone line: 888-55-4COAS (2627).

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